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Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan

The Convention Center includes an exhibit hall, meeting rooms on two levels, a ball room and support and administration areas. F&R scope of work for this project included earth movement, concrete piles and piles cap and reinforced concrete work.
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San Juan Natatorium

The Natatorium is a first class sports building consisting of two Olympic pools (one lap pool and one diving pool) and corresponding accessory facilities such as shower and locker rooms, gym, administrative offices, concessionaries and mechanical rooms. The facility is 100% roofed and has a seating capacity of 1,932 seats.

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Quantum Metrocenter, San Juan

This project consists of two apartments towers above a six levels reinforce concrete parking structure. Each tower consists of 80 apartments distributed among 26 levels. Recreational facilities are located at roof level between the two towers, they include an activity room, open gazebo, open terrace with a swimming pool and whirlpool.

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